General Testing
Dan Robbins

Installation Survey
Installed on Compaq 6450 PII 400, Win9x Milly O/S, 196meg RAM, 10gig Hard Drive
ATI 3D rage Pro Video Adapter, Intel 10/100 Network card connected to a cable modem.

Installation went flawlessly. Liked the password on Install-shield setup.
Like the fact that few registry inputs are made.

Application Compatibility Survey
So far all features have worked with all Office 2000 applications, MS Project 98, Front Page 2000, Publisher 2000, Outlook 2000, Outlook Express 5, Notepad, WordPad, Legal Wizard

Stress Testing
Application seems to hold up to well over 500 clips

Feature Specific Testing
Loaded with plenty of features.
Like the entire configuration options availability.
Help menu is plentiful.
Like the right click in the system tray.
Menu Bar is easy to read.
Love the text options.
Like the send clip by mail.
Selection of wave file.

Opens by default on startup.
Right click on system tray Icon and menu with the last 10
Clips appear. Redundant since folders also shows up.
Also that the program window opens on right click.

Like to see
Program window stay minimized on right click.
Highlighted text, right click menu send to document and not to ClipCache.
Avoids once only used clips and then have to delete from CC.
Keep System tray menu to a minimum, maybe the last five clips.
Double click on clip in the ClipCache.idx to paste into document.